My nana Louise

Created by Mark one year ago
After yesterday’s events I wanted to share some great memories I have of my beautiful nana. Yesterday for our family we dealt with an almighty blow, which we were all shocked and devastated about. Heres just a few memories i have, which I will cherish forever.

As a young child I always used to go to my nanas with my annoying brother. That same annoying brother who head butted my nanas pebble dashed wall and still has a scar to this day 😂. If anyone knew my nana she was the life and soul of any party, she danced, she laughed and she loved being with her family. She walked me to school everyday, making sure I got there safely, my grandad used to walk me back whilst nana put the tea on. We would walk home arguing who was timone and who was pumba. We’d get home and he would say “mam, who’s timone and who’s pumba” 😂😂😂 she would never answer though!

She would make the greatest of dinners. Whether it would be russled up in 15 minutes or she had spent hours making it, it was great. My fave was burgers, gravy, mash and beans. As I got older and I was in my teens, nanas house was on the way home, me and my friends especially holly, used to walk past. At 3:15 she would be waiting at the door beckoning me in to make sure I wasn’t hungry, but always made sure I went away with a handful of chocolate. Blue ribands, kitkats and a bag of quavers. As I got older and older I popped in from time to time, she would always get on at me for not coming to see her often, and if I did pop in, she would get on at me because she would have no chocolate in for me haha always calling me bugalugs! Christmas was the best time, lemon curds, jam tarts and mince pies🤤. Christ. If you didn’t go home 2 stone heavier you’d deffo done it wrong!! It was great though, we had a routine where we’d meet at nanas and we’d open up all the gifts. We have a big family, so there deffo was a full bungalow!! Pants, dark chocolate and a fiver stuffed in a card! She would always ring me and say I’ve got them “pantiloonas” 🙈 thanks nana... I can imagine her sifting through them in primark, bless her. One Christmas I brought her a date changer, she had a really old one which I changed everyday as a kid, but it broke. So I got her a modern one. She loved it. She knew my grandad would’ve too! 

I told her me and george was getting married and she asked if we were holding a funeral because the invites were black 😂😂😂. She picked her dinner and asked if it could be smaller and to add vanilla ice cream because she doesnt like sweet stuff! She couldn’t wait to come to the real big day! She had her outfit, I bet it would’ve been colourful. She liked matching, she always looked smart! 

Lastly, her stubbornness. When the doctors moved. Fuming. From a 500 yd walk to nearly a mile. She would stomp too, you’d literally have to jog to keep up with her. I’d always say, why don’t you just get the bus? She would say “I’m not paying 50 bloody P, I will walk”. That’s just what she did!! My nana was a great lady! 5 children and a million grandchildren! Loving every single one of us! Her little bungalow, her lovely garden done by a man from warsop (used to tell me everytime I went just recently) “fake flowers, they are Emma and my sheds plastic” and laugh her head off like she had beat the system 😂!! I know she was a very popular lady and everybody knew her and helped where they could! She’d always been very independent and quite healthy up until recently! She used to literally walk everywhere.  She loved socialising and going to the bingo! 

But most of all she missed my grandad. All of the time. Every occasion she would be upset and thinking of him. She loved him very much. But now she is with grandad and I know she would’ve found peace. We all love you very much nana Louise. We will miss you dearly. 

Thank you for being great. Rest in peace ❤️